Work Package 7

Dissemination and Exploitation
WP7 has been designed to highlight the work conducted throughout the BLUEWBC project. Dissemination and exploitation of the project results will be based on the principles of full transparency and involvement of all relevant stakeholders during the project life time. WP7 includes the creation and implementation of a detailed plan for dissemination and exploitation activities, project web site design, organization of info sessions with the representatives of stakeholders, publishing promotional materials, development of common knowledge sharing hub/portal where lectures and success stories can be shared among academics and professionals, organization of info days, as well as the development of alumni database.

Information for wider public regarding the BLUEWBC project progress will be disseminated through media and internet, as well. Long lasting sustainability of BLUEWBC project results will be reflected through establishing a culture where participants see opportunities leading to new businesses and improved attitude towards establishing new activity in a demanding international labour market. This WP is consisted of six interrelated tasks.

Tasks / Activities
- DISS&EXPL 7.1 Dissemination & Exploitation Plan (January-February 2020; Report)?
=> WP7 Dev 7.1 Report final
- DISS&EXPL 7.2 Website of the project (March 2020-June 2020; Service/Product)?
- DISS&EXPL 7.3 Knowledge-sharing hub/portal (December 2021-December 2022; Service/Product)
- DISS&EXPL 7.4 Dissemination products and materials (August 2020- December 2022; Service/Product)
=> BLUEWBC backpack design
=> BLUEWBC design for thermos
=> BLUEWBC leaflet
=> BLUEWBC pen design
=> BLUEWBC poster
=> BLUEWBC roll up
=> BLUEWBC sticker for equipment
=> Agenda
=> Presentation
=> Template
- DISS&EXPL 7.5 Development of alumni database (December 2021-December 2022; Service/Product)
- DISS&EXPL 7.6 Info sessions for media and stakeholders (March 2020-October 2022; Report, Event)