Work Package 3

In WP3, P2-P4 will establish I&E centres and allocate premises for its functioning. In order to provide adequate education and training of students and professionals in I&E in specific Blue economy (off-shore, cruise ship and yachting, marine engineering and maritime and coastal toursim). I&E centres will be equipped with new and upgraded equipment. Equipment will be purchased through public procurement procedure, and equipment providers will make an installation and testing of provided equipment.

WP3 includes activities related to the purchasing and installation of equipment at the first stage. Later on, establishment of I&E centres will represent a project milestone.

Tasks / Activities
DEV 3.1 Purchase of new and upgrade of existing equipment. July 2020 to December 2020; Report, Service/Product
DEV 3.2 Installation and testing of equipment. December 2020 to April 2021; Report
DEV 3.3 Establishment of environments for I&E centres at PC HEIs. February 2021-June 2022; Event, Report, Service/Product