Work Package 6

Quality control and monitoring
This quality and exploatation WP has been designed to ensure that all partners frequently communicate with each other, ask for help if necessary and make decisions together. Quality Assurance (QA) body will be established. In addition, compulsory external audits will be performed at the project midpoint and at the end. This should contribute to the quality of the implemented project activities. Review and assessment of curriculum and I&E centres will be organized at completion points.

Workshops and training seminars evaluations will also provide a direct feedback to be incorporated into the progression of project activities. Audit will be delivered by external provider. WP6 represents a direct support to management planning and the status of implemented activities. The planning for all activities of WP6 can be found at our Quality Plan.
Quality assurance plan_in template

Tasks / Activities
- QPLN 6.1 Quarterly status reports (September 2020, June 2021, March 2022, December 2022; Report)
1st - Quarterly report BLUEWBC All partners
Q2 - Quarterly report BLUEWBC
- QPLN 6.2 Evaluation of revised curricula (June 2020-May 2022; Report)
- QPLN 6.3 Midterm evaluation & audit (March 2021-September 2021; Report, Service/Product)
- QPLN 6.4 Evaluation of seminars and pilot courses (April 2021-July 2022; Report)
- QPLN 6.5 Final evaluation & audit (July 2022-December 2022; Report, Service/Product)