Work Package 4

I&E program and training of teaching staff and students
Teaching staff from partner countries HEIs will attend training at P1, P5 and P6 in order to adopt best practice in teaching and training of the key disciplines of I&E in Blue economy. The plan is to have 3 events at program HEIs, hosting training of at least 20 teaching staff members from partner countries HEIs. Also, certification of teaching staff in I&Etraining is carried out. These trainings are prerequisite for proper teaching and training material development at partner countries HEIs universities, defining the structure and principles of theoretical aspects and practical exercises.

Also, program countries HEIs will provide training for master degree students of partner countries HEIs in I&E, in English. It is planned to organize two events, one per partner country, at P2 and P4 . Partner countries HEIs staff will be additionally trained to use new and upgraded equipment. This will be accomplished at partner countries HEIs universities, in terms of unified training, wherever possible, in order to increase efficiency. The equipment vendors will be requested to organize training.

WP's performance indicators will be measured by the number of trained staff and the quality of training according to their feedback survey.

Reports on each training, number of staff and students trained and certified in I&E, will be the indicators of training performances.

Tasks / Activities
- DEV 4.1 Teaching staff training. December 2020- December 2021; Training material, Event, Report
- DEV 4.2 Teaching staff certification. December 2021-January 2022; Event, Report, Service/Product
- DEV 4.3 Staff training for new and upgraded equipment. April 2021- December 2021; Training material, Event, Report
- DEV 4.4 Student training and certification December 2021- January 2022; Training material, Event, Report, Service or Product