Venue: University of Montenegro 2022-03-11

A variety of Equipment are installed within the Centre to provide connections between the academic staff and students of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality of the University of Montenegro and employers, entrepreneurs innovators, doing business in the field of Blue economy. The Faculties provide through the Centre relevant equipment including notebooks, All in one PCs, book scanner (conceded to the Maritime Library), 3D scanner, 3D printers, eye tracking glasses with recording unit and controller app, statistic database software with structural equation modeling software, industrial chassis for temperature measurement, led screen, sensor base station for ambient air quality and environmental monitoring with wind and PM sensors. These equipment will be used for improving higher education process for the students and professionals within the institutions. Recently, the University of Montenegro decided to establish the Centre for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor, where most of the equipment has been installed.
The aim is to get insight into practical findings of the utilization of marine resources for sustainable development of economic activities, to make them environmentally or marine ecosystem friendly. By the end of the project, the Centre will organize training with employers and students as a part of the lifelong learning concept development (LLL). In addition, promotional events will be aimed to establish better connections with relevant stakeholders, exchange experience in the field of Blue economy, innovations and entrepreneurship.
Meantime, the academic staff of these two faculties participated in the training, which was held at the Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Split in December 2021 as part of the fourth work package. The topic of the training referred to the transfer of knowledge in the field of Blue economy, innovations, entrepreneurship and advanced training on ship simulators. This was preceded by online training in the field of innovations and entrepreneurship conducted by professors from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania, as well as online training conducted by professors from NTNU University in Aalesund, Norway, in the field of IoT technologies and 3D modelling. The last one was held in Aalesund during February 2022, in the area of offshore technologies and logistics, innovations and entrepreneurship in the maritime industry, decarbonization in the maritime transport etc.
Valuable equipment has been installed to improve education in bachelor and master studies. These steps aim at achieving the basic goal of the project, which entails preparing an environment through capacity building (educational and technical) that will properly connect the academic community with the maritime economy. As for promotional activities, they are planned to attract a large number of stakeholders to the events, which are to be organized by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and Faculty until the end of a year, when the results of the project will be presented.
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