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The Innovation and Entreprenueship Centers that will be established in the frame of the project will help to achieve the main objective of increasing competences and capabilities of HEIs education in I&E targeting the Blue economy and establishing a supportive environment for I&E through collaboration between HEIs, industrial partners and public authorities. The I&E Center within the University of Tirana will have a special focus on Tourism, being the main field of study offered at this University directly linked with the blue economy. This initiative will establish for the first time a I&E Center on Tourism within the University of Tirana.
The I&E Center equipment has been selected taking into account the needs of students and staff, combining them with market needs, as well as best practices suggested by partner universities. The center's equipment includes: interactive whiteboards, all in one computers, notebooks, 3D printers, eye tracking glasses, SPSS statistical database. They will be used for practical examples and academic purposes related to various aspects of tourism / marketing development and management. They will serve for the collection and processing of data in experimental/applied research with students attending professional and scientific master courses in tourism, such as entrepreneurial marketing, destination management, digital marketing, heritage management, etc.
This is a project of the University of Tirana in the field of tourism, which is one of the strategic sectors in our country. It also corresponds to regional, national and cross cutting priorities for CBHE action in Albania. ...On the other hand, Albania has set up the targets in economic growth focusing on the creation of small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) to generate innovative value and entrepreneurial activities. The initiative of this project to create for the first time an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center within the University will help to achieve these objectives and will provide the entire infrastructure to both students and staff for better connections with the market. All the activities which will be carried out within the project timeframe will allow that higher education institutions increase the competences of future employees in this sector, to bring them in a level compared to our neighbor countries and to other developed countries as well. In long run, this will consequently improve the services and increase the competitiveness of tourism in Albania Read more

The purpose of this Center will be:
• To enable students, mainly of the tourism profile apply in practice the theoretical knowledge gained during the studies, mainly to implement the concepts related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tourism field.
• To provide opportunities and infrastructure for applied multidiciplinary research.
To promote innovation and entrepreneurship research, ideas and solutions at the University of Tirana.
• To improve the infrastructure and to raise the capacities of the University for future national / international projects and initiatives (trainings, business incubators, Life Long Learnings, etc)
To increase the cooperation of the University with national and international institutions, public and private companies.
To improve the connection between the academia and the industry.
To promote the University of Tirana in local and international level (courses, study programs, research, achievements, etc).
To support and promote the development of tourism in Albania through knowledge and technology transfer in this field.

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