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One of the practical goals of the BLUEWBC project is the establishment of the Centers for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Montenegro (Montenegro), University of Vlora (Albania), Economic Faculty of the University of Tirana (Albania). The I&E centers will be equipped with the sophisticated equipment and serve for the purpose of research, scientific and professional work, education and training in order to develop the concept of Lifelong Learning (LLL).

The main goals of the newly formed I&E centers are:
- Implementation of fundamental and applied multidisciplinary technical-technological research;
- Promoting research and innovation resources of PC HEIs;
- Networking and raising of national scientific and professional capacities (i.e. trainings, summers schools, Life Long Leaming – LLL).
- Intensive international cooperation, participation and management of the national and international projects;
- Multidisciplinarity of research, intensive cooperation with institutions, promotion and use of available local resources;
- Scientific and cultural promotion of Montenegro and Albania;
- International promotion of the maritime identity of Montenegro and Albania and the maritime attractiveness of the region;
- Promoting cooperation with the industry, especially with the Blue economy representatives;
- Implementation of the concept of entrepreneurship in maritime affairs;
- Providing support in the development of business incubators within the PC HEIs,et al.

Through the I&E center UoM plans to perform the following activities:
- Collection of data related to research, entrepreneurial and innovation potentials of the PC HEIs;
- Implementation of fundamental and applied multidisciplinary technical-technological research;
- Development of partnerships with companies and connecting researchers and students with business partners;
- Providing support and strengthening links with business incubators, innovation and entrepreneurship centers and science and technology parks.
- Joint market participation with other units dealing with knowledge transfer and technology in the field of Blue economy;
- Providing access to resources, equipment, training, research results, patents and licenses offered to the business environment;
- Organizing scientific conferences, seminars;
- Conducting multidisciplinary research, etc.

Documents about I&E centers:
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