Venue: Montenegro 2022-10-26

Info-day for stakeholders "Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Private Sector in the Blue Economy"

On October 25, 2022, within the Erasmus+ project, BLUEWBC, took place the "Info-day for stakeholders - Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Private Sector in the Blue Economy". The Meeting was held in the premices of the Marketing-Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.
The meeting was opened by the Head of the Marketing and Tourism Department, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Mirdaim Axhami, who presented the important output of the project for the faculty and especially the students of the department:
- establishment of Marketing and tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center with a focus on tourism in the Faculty of Economics and the aim of creating a supportive environment for cooperation between the university, the private and public sectors, improving scientific research and the level of teaching. It aims at the application in practice of theoretical knowledge by students as well as development of entrepreneurial and innovative students' skills;
- Upgrading the current curricula that are mainly related to the blue economy and tourism, considering the methodology and experience of the institutions of the most developed countries of this program;
- Increasing the capacities and skills of FE-UT staff (academic and administrative) in relation to the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in the blue economy.
Followed the welcoming speeches of Deputy Dean for International Projects, Prof. Dr. Fatmir Memaj, the lead coordinator of the project, Mr. Arnfinn Oksavik, representatives from one of the most developed tourism business in Albani, Mr. Enver Mehmeti, the representative from the Erasmus Office in Albania, Mrs. Elona Saraci, project coordinator for FEUT, Prof. Dr. Klodiana Gorica.
The day continued also with lectures from partners' professors for the students of Faculty of Economy, with topics such as: "Sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovations in blue economy - blue tourism and maritime transport", "Learning development guidelines and implementation for Improvement of innovative and entrepreneurial skills of Balkan universities".

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