Venue: Alesund, Norway 2022-09-14

BLUEWBC WP 8.4 financial reporting

During the period 14-16 September 2022, the financial reporting of BLUEWBC project took place in Alesund, Norway.
In September 14th, the partners met in NTNU ocean training.
After a worm welcome coffee, a seminar related to Drones Technology, advancements, applications and regulations took place. Following by Drone presentation by Griff Aviation, several BLUEWBC participants splited in groups and discussed the following questions:
- How can drones contribute to the maritime value-chain
- Which study programs and subjects can benefit from drone technology?
- Are there technology fronts/research fronts where there are opportunities for BLUEWBC partners?
As a result of the discussion, many ideas from the researchers and course professors present were presented for including drone technology in identifying and monitoring risky areas in adventurous Tourism, monitoring some Marine protected areas and tourism flows, Providing data for management of maritime areas for ports, using drones for offering different supplies as public services for people in need, drones as technology solutions to create competitive private services instead of public services of monitoring and supplying materials.
The second day of #Bluewbc meeting took place aboard at MS Trollfjord. Part of the agenda was the Financial Reporting, Management Board Meeting, and #Networking, as part of WP 8.4.Presentations from UoM, UT and UV, showed the financial situation of the project as a result of effectiveness of project activities. Partners decided for important issues to get the project finished successfully during its last period.
The third day of the Aalesund meeting started with the partners researchers in FURUNO Norge, a technology company that brings solutions to maritime industry as a global company but serving locally as well.
Collaboration between NTNU and FURUNO motivates both parts because researchers need data and the company needs knowledge related to how the scientific areas work, to build their solutions. They serve all the market segments which are different types of ships working in industry and in the transport and tourism field, to support with total solutions.
The second part of the day, participants followed presentations from NTNU on different projects related to cruise ships and tourist solutions for shipping experience and services.
The activity continued with the presentation of project outputs in WB countries' HEIs from Professor Danilo Nikolic, Professor Kristofor Lapa and Professor Klodiana Gorica, related to Curricula development and upgrade and I&E centers' establishment.
The networking with other NTNU University professors and representatives of industry and education supported for further collaboration in the future.

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