Venue: Online meeting (Zoom) 2022-01-28

Online training for Eye trackers has been organized for the UT BLUEWBC project staff, as part of the equipment supply and training package. They are one of the innovative equipment that the project has provided for the Center of I&E in Tourism, at Faculty of Economy, UT. The functioning of Eye trackers Tobii Pro and the methodology to use them effectively in research and innovative proposed solutions for the customers and the tourists, were explained thoroughly by the trainers. The BLUEWBC staff will be able to use and to teach students in the future , not only on how they can use the eye trackers, but especially what problems can be resolved with the dataset gathered from Eye trackers . All the equipment provided by the BLUEWBC project are an integral part of the center, so the eye trackers, which will be used during and at the end of the project with the aim to develop research and innovation during the studies in Tourism.
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