Venue: Online meeting (Zoom) 2021-10-04

On Monday 4th October, another online meeting via Zoom took place with the aim of making important decisions related to WP4. Partners are working against the difficulties of the Pandemic, and predict to meet face to face for the next very important phase of the project, the trainings. The initial Teachers' trainings aim to transfer important knowledge from program countries HEIs to partner countries HEIs in relation to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Maritime and Blue economy with focus on sustainability. UoM, UV and UT will collaborate for choosing from list of suggested topics to be trained according to their needs, such as:
• Maritime I and E - Entrepreneurship in blue economy - environmental and sustainability principles
• Internet of Things • (Innovative) off shore technologies and logistics (oil&gas and wind energies)
• The digital customer journey
• Entrepreneurship in blue economy - environmental and sustainability principles
• Green innovation in blue economy - application in tourism sector
• 3D modelling
• Creating and managing successful start-up and spin-off company
• Finance of investment projects. Equity capital and credits. Leasing. State support. Funds of European Programs. Venture capital. Business angels.
• Maritime transport emerging goals as an important sector within countries' Blue economy
• Decarbonization in shipping / Innovative marine (alternative) fuels and technologies
• Customer retention strategies
• The role of technology in blue economy and maritime tourism
• Cross-country collaboration on blue growth and economy: Enablers and barriers.
• etc

Teacher Trainings are decided to be organized as three separate trainings, at NTNU Alesund, VILNIUS TECH, Vilnius, and UNIST Split, in place, even though on-line or hybrid trainings should also be considered.

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