Venue: Online meeting (Zoom) 2020-06-22

The next meeting planned for the first phase of the project was organized online via the Zoom platform as the pandemic situation continued in global level. The meeting was hosted by Oyvind Andersen, NTNU, and started with a short introduction from each partner about the status of their work situation. Almost all partners reported they were working online and university premises has not been opened for students yet. Then it was discussed the work status of Dev 1.2: GAP analysis, where P2, University of Montenegro, presented the survey that has been developed through a questionnaire in three versions: for Students, academics and stakeholders which will also be useful later in the project to measure the change from the starting point vs after the project has completed.
The participants from P4, University of Tirana, presented the activities under WP 7, emphasizing the start of procedures for procurement of the website creation which will be carried out by the rectorate of the P4. Also the latest changes in the DEP were presented which had been also previosly shared with partners via email. Considering the focus of the project in innovationn and entrepreneurship, a presentation on culture for entrepreneurship was done by Prof. Hans Petter Hildre, who gave useful and interesting insights in this topic.
The meeting continued with other discussions regarding the future planned activities, especially those related to WP 2: Curricula development, where the work from VGTU Lithuania has already started. Agenda

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